2020 Open Enrollment Calendar


October 7, 2019 • 2020 open enrollment period begins

• New state employees hired during the open enrollment period who have not been assigned a NYS EMPLID may enroll by submitting a 2020 CIS application within 60 days of their hire date.

November 3
•  Last day to submit change in status applications for 2019 plan year
•  Last day to submit requests for adjustments for 2019 plan year

November 8 • 2020 open enrollment period ends at 10:00 p.m. ET

November 9 • First day to submit change in status applications for 2020 plan year

November 25 • Confirmation notices sent to all applicants

December 9 • Deadline for WageWorks to receive written confirmation notice corrections from applicants

January 8, 2020
•  First deduction taken from Administration Payroll participants

January 16
•  First deduction taken from Institution Payroll participants

January 31
•  Deadline for correcting administrative errors resulting from open enrollment process

March 31
•  Deadline for submitting Reimbursement Request forms for 2019 plan year

Andrew M. Cuomo, Governor