The myFBMC CardSM

What is the myFBMC CardSM?
The myFBMC CardSM is a convenient reimbursement option that allows WageWorks to electronically reimburse certain eligible health care expenses under the Health Care Spending Account plan and IRS guidelines. The myFBMC CardSM is a Visa® card that offers a secure, easy-to-use way to pay for your medically necessary health care expenses at your eligible health care providers (for example: doctor, hospital, mental health provider, chiropractor, physical therapist), as well as the cost of prescription drugs at your drugstore or mail order pharmacy. You may also use the myFBMC CardSM to purchase over-the-counter drugs filled by a pharmacist when you have a prescription. Because it is a payment card, when you use the myFBMC CardSM to pay for eligible expenses, funds are electronically deducted from your Health Care Spending Account. You will be issued two cards initially, and if you need a third card you may call Customer Service to request one at no charge.

How Does the myFBMC CardSM Work?
Your myFBMC CardSM works just like a credit card. There is no annual fee. Simply swipe your myFBMC CardSM at your medical provider’s office like you would with any other Visa® card. You may choose the "credit" button, then sign the purchase receipt or, you may choose the "debit" button and enter your PIN number. Your pre-assigned PIN number will arrive within approximately two business days of the card. The payment card enables you to access your Health Care Spending Account benefits more quickly to pay eligible medical expenses.

The card can be used to purchase prescription drugs at retail pharmacies such as CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens, Target, Wal-Mart, and Sam’s Club. For prescription drugs and some over-the-counter items, the card must be used at a retailer who is IIAS or 90% certified. If you try to use the card in a store that is not certified, the card will be declined. In that case, you should pay out-of-pocket and then submit a paper claim. Visit to view the entire IIAS Store List for a constantly updated list of drugstores and retailers who accept the myFBMC CardSM.

Keep your receipts! You will need to provide receipt documentation for expenses that don’t match a known copayment for your health insurance plan. For example, documentation may be required for purchases that are made for office (doctor, vision provider) visit fees and copayments and at some retailers (i.e. non IIAS certified pharmacies). You will be notified if you must send in documentation for these transactions. Documentation for a card expense is a statement or bill showing the:
  • name of the patient
  • name of the service provider
  • date of service
  • type of service (including prescription name) and
  • total amount of service.
Note: This documentation must be submitted with a Health Care Spending Account claim form and cannot be processed without it. Like all other Health Care Spending Account documentation, you must keep your myFBMC CardSM expense documentation for a minimum of one year and submit it to WageWorks when requested.

The IRS requires payment card suspension, when substantiating documentation is not provided for expenses requiring such. A grace period of 60 days is provided to allow payment card users reasonable time to submit the required documentation. When your monthly WageWorks statement and/or an online account message requests substantiating documentation, make sure that your documentation is received by WageWorks within the 60-day grace period.

If you do not submit documentation to WageWorks within 60 days, your myFBMC CardSM will be suspended, as required by IRS guidelines. Submit a completed Health Care Spending Account claim form to avoid deactivation of your card. If you fail to send in the requested documentation for a myFBMC CardSM expense, you may also be subject to:
  • withholding of payment for an eligible paper claim to offset any outstanding myFBMC CardSM transaction
  • suspension of your myFBMC CardSM privileges
  • payback through payroll
  • the reporting of any outstanding myFBMC CardSM transaction amounts as income on your W-2 at the end of the tax year.
You may contact WageWorks at 1-800-358-7202 if you have questions or need assistance in determining whether your provider is IIAS certified. Customer Service Representatives are available Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 8:00 pm ET.

The myFBMC CardSM may not be used to pay for your Dependent Care Advantage Account expenses.

Card and IIAS Merchants
Over-the-counter and prescription purchases with the card are only accepted at IIAS certified merchants. For all other qualified expenses, such as medical copayments, the myFBMC CardSM may be used normally. To find out if a pharmacy or drugstore near you accepts the card, please refer to the IIAS Certified Store List at

Employees may contact WageWorks at 1-800-358-7202 for information regarding pharmacy IIAS certification.

myFBMC CardSM Fact Sheet

  • The myFBMC CardSM can be used at any eligible health care provider (for example: doctor, hospital, mental health provider, chiropractor, physical therapist) who accepts Visa or MasterCard. Check the Drugstore Listing on for suggested pharmacies.

  • The myFBMC CardSM can be used for over-the-counter (OTC) drugs with a written prescription or mail order drugs.

  • The myFBMC CardSM cannot be used at grocery stores or discount retailers unless they are IIAS certified. Please check out the FAQs at for IIAS definitions and a list of stores.

  • Purchases for OTC and prescription drugs will automatically be substantiated and adjudicated if purchased at an IIAS certified store. No additional paperwork is required!

  • Employees must IMMEDIATELY send in documentation for any outstanding transaction(s) highlighted in BLUE on their monthly statements or RED on

  • Any transaction that appears in BLUE on two monthly statements will cause the card to be suspended until documentation is received by WageWorks. The Card will be unsuspended automatically once outstanding/ineligible transactions are cleared.
Correction Procedures:
  • Any transaction(s) 60 days or older are eligible for automatic substitution.

  • Cards will be suspended until all ineligible/outstanding transactions are cleared.

  • If ineligible/outstanding transactions are not cleared up, the Card will stay permanently suspended and expenses could be recouped through the employee’s paycheck or reclassified as taxable income to the employee.

  • Employees have until the end of the runout period (March 31 of the following year) to clear up any previous plan year transactions.

  • AUTO-ADJUDICATION – This process allows WageWorks to immediately recognize that an expense is eligible for reimbursement under the Health Care Spending Account and IRS regulations. These transactions eliminate the need for you to send documentation to WageWorks for your expense.

    • IIAS – Any purchase made at an IIAS certified store for OTC drugs and supplies and/or prescriptions will require no additional follow up from you.

    • Copayment Matching – WageWorks’ system will recognize that you are using your myFBMC CardSM for an eligible expense so that known copayments under the New York State Health Insurance Plan are immediately recognized and verified.

  • EXPENSE DOCUMENTATION – To verify a reimbursement made with your myFBMC CardSM, WageWorks may need a statement or bill showing the name of the patient and service provider as well as the date of service, type of service (include Rx name) and total dollar amount of service. You must keep all documentation of eligible expenses reimbursed by the Health Care Spending Account for at least one year, as stated in the IRS regulations.

  • AUTO-SUBSTITUTION – If you have an outstanding myFBMC CardSM transaction for more than 60 days, any approved out-of-pocket reimbursement request amounts will be applied to the outstanding myFBMC CardSM transactions before any remaining out-of-pocket reimbursement requests are paid.

  • PAYBACK THROUGH PAYROLL – You could be subject to salary deductions for the amounts of any myFBMC CardSM transactions still outstanding for 70 days or more (as permitted by law).

  • RECLASSIFICATION – Any outstanding myFBMC CardSM transaction amounts remaining at the end of your plan year may be reported as income on your W-2 at the end of the tax year.

  • SUSPENSION – You will temporarily lose the privilege of using your myFBMC CardSM if outstanding myFBMC CardSM transactions have not been satisfied. When the transactions are satisfied, your myFBMC CardSM privileges will be returned, so you can use your myFBMC CardSM again.

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