How To Enroll

spacer Getting Started
You will need your most recent paystub to get started.

Apply Online
You can apply for enrollment in either the HCSAccount or the DCAAccount, or both, through the Internet. The application process is paperless, quick, and easy. On the enrollment application, you will be asked for basic information—your name, address, phone number, department ID, negotiating unit, social security number, and the amount you want to set aside in your account for the plan year.

Apply Over The Telephone
If you do not have access to the Internet or choose not to enroll online, simply call 1-800-358-7202 and a customer service representative (CSR) will take your application over the phone. The CSR will ask you for the same basic information described above.

After your application has been processed and your eligibility confirmed, you will receive a letter from the FSA administrator by early December confirming your 2011 enrollment. Your FSA enrollment lasts for only one year. Re-enrollment is not automatic. During the open enrollment period each year, you will have an opportunity to sign up for the next plan year.

Pended Applications
If you receive a message that your application is pended, don’t be alarmed. There are several reasons why your application may pend:

•  You have been recently hired and are not active in the payroll system. Your application will be pended until your new hire status has been verified by your agency.

•  You are on a leave of absence or have recently returned from leave and are not currently active in the payroll system. Your application will be pended until your return to work has been verified by your agency.

•  Your information (last four digits of your social security number, negotiating unit, and department ID, and salary) matches that of another state employee and we are unable to uniquely identify you without further review. Your application will be pended for administrative review.

•  You entered your information (last four digits of your social security number, negotiating unit, and department ID, and salary) incorrectly.

Steps To Apply Online
1.    Log In - First Time User
Go to the FSA home page and click on the Apply Now button to log on to the online enrollment application. Click on “First Time User?” and follow the instructions on the screen.

Log In - Re-enrollees
The user ID you created last year will be mailed to you in mid-September.

2.    Registration
Follow the instructions provided in order to register to use the online FSA enrollment application.

On the first page, enter the requested information as it appears on your paystub. The information will be used to determine your eligibility for the program.

On the next page, enter your personal information, which will only be used to contact you about your account.

3.    Main Menu
Select the Open Enrollment Application link to start your open enrollment application for the HCSAccount and DCAAccount.

4.    Enrollment Screens
Indicate if you expect to be on the payroll for the entire plan year. If you want to accelerate your deductions due to retirement, planned leave of absence, adjunct teaching schedule, or any other reason, indicate the number of paycheck deductions you wish to have taken.

On the next screen, click on the links to the HCSAccount and DCAAccount to enroll in either or both benefits. Be sure to enter your annual election amount.

Once you make your choice and click on “Next Page” at the bottom of the page, you will return to the Open Enrollment Main Page.

Click on the DCAAccount link to enroll in that benefit, or click on “Continue” to complete your application.

5.    Account Summary
You will see a summary of the elections you’ve chosen. Make sure to read and verify that all the information is correct before you submit your application. Make sure to click the "Submit" button or you won’t be enrolled for the upcoming plan year.

6.    Confirmation Page
This page will have a confirmation number and summary of your elections. Be sure to print this page and keep it for your records.

If you would like to Enter the RACE for direct deposit of your reimbursements, click on the link at the bottom of the page.

Click on the “Log Out” button to close the application.

Andrew M. Cuomo, Governor